By working with Extended Field Force Llc (1) Contractor agrees and acknowledges that they are engaged as independent contractor on a non-exclusive basis and not as employees or authorized agents. This includes all contractor's employees, agents, or independent contractors utilized. (2) Contractor assumes full responsibility for all actions of such Contractor personnel while performing services under this agreement. (3) Contractor agrees to be liable for payment of these said contractors if applicable including all tax and other legal obligations, reporting of income, social security taxes, unemployment taxes, , and social security taxes if required by local, state and/or federal guidelines. (4) Contractor is responsible for obtaining and maintaining policies for commercial general liability/ automobile insurance imposed with respect to itself, employees, and any contractor personnel utilized by applicable federal, state, and/or local law including customary levels of workers compensation if applicable. (5) Contractor and contractor personnel will employ and enforce Equal Employment Opportunity policies and will not discriminate against any for employment because of age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, creed, marital status, national origin, ancestry, disability, or veteran status or any other basis prohibited by applicable laws or regulations if applicable. (6) Contractor, any contracted personnel, and/ or its employees shall agree to Drug and Background screening in accordance with applicable laws and/ or specific requirements to the extent permitted by applicable law. (7) Contractor agrees to perform work adhering to established service level agreements in a defined professional manner which includes but not limited to dress, appearance, communications, and work reporting. (8) Contractor agrees to provide all tools needed to support said work activities. (9) Contractor assumes responsibility financially for any lost parts, assets, equipment, or other items noted as of value during associated work activities. (10) Contractor agrees that all services provided will be in accordance with established statement of works and agrees to cooperate fully with researching/ resolving any complaints, actions, claims, or proceedings brought forward.