Helping You Solve Problems To Meet Your Business Demands.

EFF provides a skilled workforce to meet the ever changing business needs a company is challenged with. From project support to daily field support, EFF has the solution to not only meet- but to exceed both your needs and the needs of your clients.

Our core values

Expand your team and grow your business at the drop of a hat with our skilled technicians. Our process allows you to save time and money so you can focus on what matters most.

Our investment in people and technology is our core foundation. We can provide the workers you need 24/7 and custom reporting that you deem important. Our standard is to be the best for less.

EFF provides an extended workforce that has been both background and drug tested to industry standards. Our operating principle is to treat your business as if it is our own. The EFF team has the technical and soft skills to ensure your brand is respected at the highest level.

We strive to be the industry standard and our constant growth reflects that. Part of our mission is to acquire and keep the best talent in the industry. Our dedication to investing back into our technology and team gives us industry leading retention.

About our process

01 We understand the difficulty of responding to the ever-changing difficulties modern businesses most over come. Todays economy has no place for slow movers or employee bloat.

02 Our first step is to insure we fully understand your business model and critical needs. Our standard is to develop a plan specific to your business needs and provide a comprehensive statement of work that drives success. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach.

03 The EFF team has an experienced team of customer facing resources that possess the technical skills required to meet electro- mechanical or software/ hardware configurations. This includes the installation or break- fix needs companies face. We also have the soft skills that are often overlooked to represent your brand in a manner that drives customer loyalty.

04 The service reporting tool EFF utilizes offers state of the art dispatching, routing, call tracking, service level metric reporting, parts/ asset management, and offers a portal view for you or your client that is tailored for your company. This solution can be branded for your company specifically and is customizable.

Fit to your schedule,

01 EFF is your solution provider if- and- when you may need us. There are no recruiting and hiring costs or concern that you will not have workload to justify additional resources long term. EFF is your one stop partner to support operational needs as you determine them.

02 EFF Is Your Business Partnership Solution Stop turning your wheels and bogging your business down with an unnecessary hire. Let EFF work for you and start hiring smarter today.

Grow Smarter Today With ExtendedFieldForce.

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